Two fine Berlin stories

IMAG0472One early autumn afternoon I was enjoying a cappuccino at a Berlin terrace. I wore my lizard green jumper. The slightly transparent fabric couldn’t conceal that I was wearing my orange/brown bathing suit underneath of which the orange straps showed around my neck. The sun stood low but you could still feel its strength. It scattered such beautiful yellowish light that afternoon!

Although it was our last cup of coffee in Berlin and we were preparing to go home I was feeling very cheerful. I had bought splendid yarns at my favourite shop and I was already imagining what I could make out of them. Enthusiastically I was sharing my plans with my beloved as an elegant looking woman strolled by en stood still ….. to take a better look at my jumper! I was thrilled, apparently my creation could catch the eye of a stranger. We had a short chat about yarns and knitting and she made me such a kind compliment on the design.

An experience like this is exactly what you need when you’re starting up your own knitting design business. Thank you again nice Berlin lady!

In October we visited Berlin once more, with friends this time. Husbands and wives, you know how things are, the husbands want their wives to look good and so we convinced our friends to visit Lisa D.’s boutique in the Hackesche Höfe. I have written about it in one of my previous blogs. Lisa designs everything herself and all models are manufactured in small amounts in Berlin.

That day I was wearing a Lisa D. coat combined with a Lena M. pelerine. The shop assistant recognized me and my coat immediately and made inquiries after the pelerine. When she learned I was the creative brain behind it she was very interested to see my website and I gave her my data, not without a little pride of course.

While our friend was trying on innumerable pieces, another customer came into the shop and started to try things on as well. With nothing else on our minds my husband and I took the freedom to comment on both women as soon as they alternately came out of their changing rooms. The shop assistant and the new customer’s friend joined in and so the two of them got most excellent and above all abundant advise.

IMG_0326At a certain point I told the amiable customer my long coat was a Lisa D. too. The gray/black one I was wearing was not available anymore, but there still was a petrol blue one in her size to try on. A daring colour, but she loved it, we all loved it on her. Next thing she wondered aloud if the pelerine was also for sale in the shop. The friendly shop assistant promptly showed her generosity and gave her my data. Me she handed two pieces of fabric to give me the possibility to find matching yarn, just in case.

I felt a bit awkward since I didn’t want to sell my products in someone else’s shop and left, hoping something good would come from it. Nevertheless, this brief encounter made my day!

PS: a few days after I got home I received an e-mail from a certain S. in which she told me she had actually bought the coat and asked me to make her a pelerine to go with it. Just recently she let me know she had taken her first walk in town with her new ensemble on and drew the attention of many passers-by. She says she feels wonderful in her pelerine.

How truly wonderful it is to make people feel wonderful in something unique and timeless. Liebe S. Danke schön!