Free knitting pattern for an iridescent bonnet!

IMGP2420It won’t be long before spring is in the air. Already I hear the birds singing their song at dusk. Nevertheless I want to present you a bonnet. My old bonnet was really worn out and I desperately needed a new one for the cold mornings. My bonnet came from some department store. It had been expensive and was no good all the same. To make it fit around the head they had put rubber yarn in it. It made my front and earlobes itch for hours after I had worn it. Whereas I had only wanted warm ears! One day I had scratched my earlobes so bad they started to bleed, whereupon I angrily pulled out the elastic yarn. When I put it on the next morning it immediately drooped over my eyes: no itchy earlobes anymore, but no sight either.

At the end of February it is impossible to get a nice new bonnet. Fashion seasons start early. Time for me to set up a small hand knitting project, a pleasant occupation for the still long evenings. I have chosen yarns from the Japanese brand ITO. Don’t you simply love the warm tones of autumn leaves with the icy cold winter blue shimmering through in the curves? In addition I used specific stitches for a rich texture. IMGP2410The colours and texture give it an almost iridescent impression. And before I forget to tell you: the rather high bandeau is soft and warm for the ears.

I do not offer to knit it for you. It would be far too expensive a bonnet. Instead, I offer you a free knitting pattern in my mother-tongue Dutch and a German translation as well because Berlin is my city!

I am truly sorry for my English readers. I haven’t got a clue how to write a knitting pattern in English! Maybe you can knit it just by carefully studying the picture and checking the figures in the Dutch or German description and of course by using your common sense. Beware! On the continent we use grams and centimetres. “What does it say, Fairfax?” “I’ve no idea, it’s all in French.” [‘Allo ‘Allo!]

Download here your free pattern in Dutch.
Download here your free pattern in German.