Timeless and feminine design

IMG_3070What exactly is timeless design? It is hard to describe. To tell the truth you can’t just sit down and design something timeless. Only the passing of time will prove it to be timeless. Some particular chairs have proven to be timeless. People still love them. They fit easily in any kind of interior. Some are present, others are more taken aback. No one has ever discovered the rules for making something timeless.

What I do know is that ‘timeless’ is the opposite of ‘trendy’. Trendy stuff is strongly desired by a large target group for a very short period of time. There is no need to make it durable, after a season or so it is ready for the dustbin. I am not interested in trends myself. I have the biggest problems with throwing clothes away. No matter if they are worn out or out of fashion I really got attached to them. I often make efforts to give them a second life. It makes me feel better. But I am not the measure here, I exaggerate sometimes.

However, an article made of high quality materials deserves to accompany you for a long time. Therefore its design needs to have a certain amount of timelessness. Maybe the secret is that a timeless design is easy going in all kinds of combinations, even in combination with trendy design. Well, my ultimate goal is to design garments that have that certain amount of timelessness. I want to seduce you with them. I would like you to grow attached to them!

Enough about timelessness. What about feminine design? I have always been fascinated by the variety of shape in the female body. The proportions can be so diverse! Only a few women have the ideal body sizes: 90-60-90 centimeters (hourglass figure). Every body type demands a different way of dressing.

Women with small breasts are flattered by a straight neckline whereas women with big breasts might want to show some décolleté. Women with relatively wide hips look good in a flared skirt and women with small hips make a good figure in a tubedress. Women of a certain age may feel the need to show the body parts where time has been good to them. That could be their back or calves and conceal other parts like waist, upper arms and neck. In general applies what becomes you, makes you feminine. That is very personal!

I have noticed that clothes I find ultimately feminine often subtly refer to old times or other places, like they carry an echo from the past or a hint of another culture. Could be a sleeve, a neckline, seam length or just the finishing.

My designs tend to follow the female forms. I do not like the garments to be too tight because knitwear shows everything you wear underneath. Neither do I like you to drown in them. I love to stress your feminine curves and the way you move, sometimes in a more explicit way and sometimes more subtle.

Last but not least I’d like you to take into account that knitted skirts and dresses can be a bit transparent, depending on colour and material. Just wear an underskirt if you want to avoid this.