Summer’s almost gone: pelerine

coat from Lisa D Berlin

IMGP2047Summer was lovely this year! I enjoyed the long warm days intensely and I’m sure you did so too. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. But I really don’t feel like taking my heavy winter coat out of its storing place yet. Every year I try hard to postpone the moment I have to admit winter is approaching. And I can’t do anything to ease the pain, can I?

Yes Lena, you can! Either you create things to make life a bit more beautiful or you don’t. Well, okay then. What do I wish for out on my bicycle on a chilly autumn morning? Most of all I’d like to keep my shoulders and neck warm. Second, I’m a practical woman but I don’t want to look like one. So I need something stylish to keep my neck and shoulders warm. That is how I came up with the idea of making a pelerine (or shoulder cape, but pelerine is such a charming word).

I designed it to give me sufficient freedom of movement riding my bike. The turtle neck is double to prevent me from needing an additional scarf. Besides, a scarf would have concealed the various textures, what a pity. Each texture is a result of a different technique and each technique is responsible for the particular shape of the pelerine and the functions it should fulfill, like being stable, elastic and voluminous.

I have chosen a 100% alpaca because it’s warm and not prickly. The pelerine looks optimal in a two colour combination. Check the alpaca colour card for all colours available. What about royal blue with a purple border? Gray with orange maybe? Petrol and brown then? Or rather two shades of red? Ooooh, so many pretty combinations to make!

Something for you too? Look here for more pictures.