Inspiration no. 1: Coco Chanel (1883 – 1971)

chanel1-600x419Men, I admire them for a lot of things. But my inspiration comes from women. The reason for that can simply be found in the fact that I am a woman and other women are my role models. In general I admire women who are in their strength, which gives them the confidence to do what they really want to and do it on their own merits and conditions. My first source of inspiration is Coco Chanel

She was the woman who freed womanhood from the corset. The female body needed no longer to be forced into an S-form or whatever form that happened to be en vogue. You need self-consciousness to do that. And you have to be capable to offer an attractive alternative, something that fits in the Zeitgeist. Chanel introduced jersey (prior only used for underwear) for daily wear so women could move freely and still look feminine. Her deux-pièces are famous and still iconic in the land of fashion. She also was the inventor of la petite robe noire, a simple though elegant piece of garment, interpreted by many couturiers, that every woman should have in her wardrobe.

Please allow me to remark here that I do not feel inspired by aspects of Chanel’s life other than her creative power and her courage to change the former rules of fashion.