Inspiration no. 2: Kate Bush (1958)

Kate Bush 1Last time I stated here I admire women who are in their strength, which gives them the confidence to do what they really want and do it on their own merits and conditions. Of course she doesn’t have to be a woman of fashion. This time I want to talk about another idol of mine: Kate Bush.

She was only eighteen years old when she wrote her debut song Wuthering Heights (after the novel by Emily Brontë). The protagonists in the novel are Catherine and Heathcliff who experience an obsessive kind of passion for each other. I always had the feeling that Kate embodied Catherine. And that she had come back in 1978, still looking for her Heathcliff. I just love her vocal expressiveness and musical inventiveness.
Kate Bush has made ten albums ever since. So you could say she took her time. Each album bears the fruit that has had the chance to ripen. She has always resisted the pressure of doing a promotion tour. She obviously has confidence that her music will reach the public. And she is quite right!