Inspiration no. 2: Kate Bush (1958)

Kate Bush 1Last time I stated here I admire women who are in their strength, which gives them the confidence to do what they really want and do it on their own merits and conditions. Of course she doesn’t have to be a woman of fashion. This time I want to talk about another idol of mine: Kate Bush.

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Inspiration no. 1: Coco Chanel (1883 – 1971)

chanel1-600x419Men, I admire them for a lot of things. But my inspiration comes from women. The reason for that can simply be found in the fact that I am a woman and other women are my role models. In general I admire women who are in their strength, which gives them the confidence to do what they really want to and do it on their own merits and conditions. My first source of inspiration is Coco Chanel

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Summer’s almost gone: pelerine

coat from Lisa D Berlin

IMGP2047Summer was lovely this year! I enjoyed the long warm days intensely and I’m sure you did so too. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. But I really don’t feel like taking my heavy winter coat out of its storing place yet. Every year I try hard to postpone the moment I have to admit winter is approaching. And I can’t do anything to ease the pain, can I?

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Timeless and feminine design

IMG_3070What exactly is timeless design? It is hard to describe. To tell the truth you can’t just sit down and design something timeless. Only the passing of time will prove it to be timeless. Some particular chairs have proven to be timeless. People still love them. They fit easily in any kind of interior. Some are present, others are more taken aback. No one has ever discovered the rules for making something timeless.

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Taste for good materials



I have a passion for good materials and a profound dislike of rubbish. Every object around you has been produced. Before you can produce something the raw material has to be dug up first. Subsequently the raw material has to be flown in somewhere in some factory. The factory will surely blow a lot of smog in the air and expel its cooling water in some river. That’s all acceptable if you get a high quality product in the end, which you want to use for a very long time and with pleasure. You will grow attached to it when it does what it has to do and never lets you down, when its surface feels good and its looks are attractive.

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